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Get to Know ChatGPT

You have probably heard colleagues, news media, or students talking about using artificial intelligence (AI) to write essays or complete assignments. This new tech frontier can seem daunting, but it is important for faculty and administrations to understand the potentials and the limits of these new programs. You can start with one of the most popular, ChatGPT. It is stunningly easy to use. Go to their website, sign up, and give it a try. If you are worried about students using AI to answer an essay question in your online class, copy and paste your essay prompt into the message box and hit enter. You can also ask ChatGPT how AI works and it will give you a pretty succinct explanation. Play around with it; you might like it.


Is Your Student Using AI to Cheat?

Most of us are horrified by the thought of students using AI to complete their assignments. Luckily (or not), there are a bunch of AI Detectors that you can use free of charge online. ZeroGPT claims to be able to identify AI texts from a variety of sources. Reviews are mixed. However, one student says, there is no way teachers can tell they are using AI. The Chronicle of Higher Education calls AI a "seismic shift" and has steps to help you plan for ChatGPT in the classroom.

What has been your experience with AI in the classroom? Give us your opinion, advice, or provide links to resources.


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